Baby Wildebeest Treats Lioness Like Mom

A hungry lioness captures a young calf. But before she decides to kill, something very unusual happens.

The wild and vast Serengeti of Tanzania and Kenya is a tourist’s paradise of flora and fauna. The majority of Africa’s most famous animals can be found in this beautiful area.

But what may be paradise to some is nothing more than a dangerous home for the animals that live within it. Predators are a constant worry.

In the middle of the mass migration season, a lioness has managed to plant herself right in the middle of thousands of newborn calves.

She is about to go in for a kill against a newborn that is literally only a few minutes old, but she appears to have a change of heart. The calf imprints on the lioness and shockingly, she tolerates it. Nature truly is a shocking and fascinating thing.

Imagine if the lioness takes care of the baby wildebeest and all of a sudden when its older the wildebeest starts hunting other wildebeest. That would be the biggest Uno reverse card. It’s like switching to the winning team on cod.

The lioness just didn’t have the heart of a lion that day, she had the heart of a mother. If lion stopped killing their preys and started to raise them for food, lion could have its own agricultural and civilization.