Attention The Forest Chicken the Net Ropes Are Broken

Jungle fowl is the common name for types of wild chickens that live in the forest. The jungle fowl is the ancestor of the native chicken.

These chickens in terms of body shape and behavior are very similar to domesticated chickens, because they are indeed the ancestors of smaller female chickens, with a length of about 46 cm. The male jungle fowl has long, pointed neck feathers and a colored …

Red jungle fowl live in groups, a rooster with several hens. In the morning and evening, they go out looking for food above ground level. Red jungle fowl feed consists of various grains, grass shoots and leaves, insects and various types of small animals.

Hens usually incubate between five and six eggs that are pale light brown or reddish brown in color. Chicks can fly after one week of age.

The red jungle fowl is believed to be the ancestor of domesticated chickens. Since when these partridges were domesticated is unclear, but they have been bred since the Indus Valley civilization about 5,000 years ago.