Mother Ostrich Don’t Protect Her Newborn from Cheetah

Seeing this ostrich lying on the ground comfortably, I don’t know what kind of stimulus it received in an instant. It suddenly launched a fighting posture, spread its wings and rushed forward. What is it going to do?

Just when the cheetah wants to successfully acquire its prey as a predator, the adult ostrich mother quickly spreads her wings and keeps her babies under her body. The cheetahs want to end the battle quickly and fly directly.

Xiang Xiao ostrich, but who knows that the mother ostrich’s leg skills are very good. She overthrew the cheetah to the ground with one foot. The cheetahs saw that the ostrich in front of them had entered the runaway mode in order to protect their children.

They seemed to be retreating now. Psychology, but how can cheetahs who are hungry give up so quickly? So they launched another round of attacks, but who knew that the mother ostrich threw the cheetah to the ground with the legs and beak.

The cheetahs tasted bitterness and wanted to turn around and escape, but at this time the mother ostrich was not very satisfied with her behavior just now. So he stepped on his long legs and quickly chased the cheetah.

At this time, the two fastest creatures on the ground started a long-distance race. The cheetah ran in front, the ostrich chased behind, and the two animals ran and walked. The beauty of the time was enough to make us feel a huge visual impact.

Finally, after the long-distance race, the cheetah successfully driven away by the mother ostrich protected her babies.