The world’s most dangerous snake can kill even 4 elephants

The King Cobra (Ohiophagus Hanna) venom yield per bite is between 600 to 1000 mg and/ or they hit directly near the brain and the heart having the longest hood being the largest venomous serpents.

Although the average LD 50 value is 1.8 mg per kilogram, hence drop per drop twice as less toxic than the Spectacled Cobras (Naja Naja) and eight times less toxic than the Monocled/ Monocellate Cobras (Naja Kaouthia) in the eastern Indian subcontinent.

The victim bitten by such a snake that delivers the most amount of venom anywhere in the world, gets time to survive between eight to forty-five minutes in general. They contain predominantly neurotoxic cardio toxic and cytotoxic venom.

The king cobras are a beautiful snake. I know you’ve been rescuing snakes for many years but The people need to back away and let you do your work. The king cobra has a longer strike range because of its size.

I would have been very worried about getting bitten being that close. Thank you for rescuing the cobras and letting them go in the jungle where they can live free and away from people.