LARGEST Gorilla Found in Congo!

Have you ever wanted to see a REALLY BIG Gorilla? If so, get ready because we found the largest one in the Congo!

On our first Brave Mission, host Mark Vins is teaming up with the Rangers of Virunga National Park to search for some of the last remaining Mountain Gorillas in the Congo – including the largest Silverback in the region.

While trekking for these gigantic primates, Mark and his elite camera team must evade poachers and rogue militias in the DRC, while learning how to protect its critically endangered wildlife from extinction.

The mission to save Africa’s oldest national park will transport viewers to the front-lines of conservation and invite them to participate in the goal to rewild our planet – which is now more critical than ever.

From Executive Producer’s Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Vins, comes this thrilling mission to prove that conservation IS action!

That Ranger who put the safety of the gorillas before his own life on a daily basis is a truly remarkable person. He may not be rich or well-known like the celebrities that dominate social media but he is doing much more important work.